Message from the President

       NERI is a student hub that aims to integrate you, as students, in the academic world, from the very beggining supporting you on this journey through International Relations. In addition, we want to help you on this adventure that will allow you to invent and reinvent yourself, in such a way that you can enrich yourselves, not only at a curriculum level, but also at a personal level.

      NERI, as a representative of IR students, intends to accompany you on your journey, boosting your academic integration and the achievement of your goals. For this, we carry out several and multiple activities that provide opportunities for you to actively participate in the life of our hub.

      The truth is that, being the world of IR so wide and complex, it is important that we have an open mind and that we are constantly restless. In this way, NERI tries to serve the general interest of students, in the sense that we are not leaving you alone, in the sense that we are not leaving you helpless.

       That said, you can always count on us. Take care and always be yourself. Don’t want to be everything, have everything or do everything. Only want what fills or teaches you. Just don’t stand still!

                                                                                                                                           Patrícia Santos