With several decades of existence, NERI, the International Relations Students Hub aims to, in an evolving fashion, contribute to making your academic path impactful as well as rewarding. Since its inception, NERI organizes activities which serve to enrich students in their many aspects. Since its inception that NERI perpetuates moments that allow you to keep and cherish memories of that which is, we hope, the best time of your life. Despite that, this does not exclude constant inovation, taking into account the changes that one’s life as a student and more demands. NERI’s development over the years has granted it the possibility of taking on a fundamental role in the study of International Relations, working as a complement to those perennial things in academic life, and which, in turn, has lasted all these many years. The truth is that NERI always strove to care for coming generations year after year, and thus, continuity is also something to take into account. This is what the story of NERI is made of: past, present and future.