Erasmus +

   Proper proportionality between the academic, social, and cultural pillars will help to build new perspectives on what is an Erasmus project. Giving you the necessary skills will lead you into a process of personal growth and discovery. However, when you choose your destiny, many questions will come to you. NERI is therefore proposing to help you and, consequently, to allow you to lift your wings to fly, perhaps, to your dream destination. To this end, nothing does the job better than showing you the testimonies of several of your colleagues who embarked on this adventure.

  Simultaneously, for those who arrive and seek a new home, where they may feel comfortable and where they may learn, we will be waiting for them with open arms. NERI welcomes you so that you may feel at home. We will always be here to help you with whatever you need.

Mobility for Studies

   Any student’s mobility depends on the existence of a bilateral agreement between the original and the destination Institutions. Hence, any destination institution may be selected, so long as its part of the ISCSP – ULisboa Bilateral Agreements List. In case you want to go to an institution which does not have an agreement with ISCSP – Ulisboa yet, if there is an equivalent syllabus, you can always suggest a new partnership to the Academic Mobility Department. Make sure you do so some time in advance. You can also request a consultation of the ISCSP – ULisboa Bilateral Agreements List with institutions outside the EU. However, we must note that you won’t be entitled to an Erasmus + scholarship.

             List of Bilateral Agreements 

             Application form to Erasmus+ Programme


Bari, Italy

Stockholm, Sweden

Paris, France

Bologna, Italy

Strasbourg, France

Pavia, Italy

Bratislava, Slovakia

Florence, Italy

Prague, Czech Republic

Catania, Italy

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Trieste, Italy

Chemnitz, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Vilnius, Lithuania

Mobility for Internships

     Any student’s mobility can take place during the degree which is being attended, or up to a year after its conclusion at ISCSP-ULisboa. Therefore, candidates are responsible for finding their own internship location, which itself may be picked among any public or private entity in one of 33 States: 27 in the European Union (excluding Portugal), or 6 associate states, namely, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. However, EU institutions or other EU organisms such as specialized agencies, or National Erasmus Agencies are not eligible as host organizations for student internships.

To attend an Erasmus+ Internship, you should respect the next steps:

  1. Contact the Mobility Services of ISCSP;
  2. Choose a destiny and a start and finish date for the Internship;
  3. Fill the proper documentation for the Erasmus+ Agreement; 
  4. Address the travel and the accommodation;
  5. Participate in the Internship;
  6. Deliver the Tax Regularization Declaration and the elaborated evaluation and signed for the host Institution.

Note: The Programme do not guarantee the allocation of mobility scholarships financed to all the selected students, existing the possibility to students to receive a “zero scholarship” (without any monetary value).

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For more information about the Erasmus+ Programmes, you can take a look to the ISCSP website here.