Under a keen and insightful look at international current affairs, PACTA, being the scientific journal of NERI, intends to have an active voice in a broader context of what international relations are. In a logic of consistent work routines, it will focus on a wide variety of events that occur on the international level, bringing you closer to what should be your focus and growth in the scope of the study of the global agenda and policy. With a constant analysis of different conflicts or crises, of socio-political or geostrategic phenomena, of markets and the world trade system, you will be brought closer to the theoretical and practical aspects that will certainly represent an added value in your journey.

Leisure & Recreation Department

     Because good memories are built when we share our lives, moments and experiences with each other, the Recreation Department will take care of providing you with these memories, associating social gatherings, course dinners, sports tournaments or tavern-trails, among many other events. Fun will be the watchword in your academic life.

Public Relations Department

       By ensuring relevant partnerships for our students, this Department will make way to building foundations that can be your launching pad in the world of International Relations. Partnerships with Organizations or Embassies, partnerships with Associations or Language Schools will be a source of learning that may, for instance, lead you to an Internship. Thus, the Public Relations Department assumes an essential importance characterized by the need to provide students with tools that will help them in their future, as well as for the realization of NERI events.

Guidance Office

      The Guidance Office, presents itself this year as a new initiative by NERI, proposing a follow-up to all International Relations students, with a special look at new students. This office, intends to create bridges between all future internationalists, in order to provide assistance whenever necessary and so that they have an incredible experience throughout this year as part of the Iscspian community. So that you don’t feel lost, we guide your way.

Academic Department

   In a defining journey of International Relations, this department intends to complement your learning as it will stimulate not only personal but also academic development. Aiming to help you open new horizons and discuss real life issues, the Academic Department will take you to discover your interests, going beyond what the classes can give you. Events such as Workshops, Conferences or Simulations will contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Social Action Department

     The Department of Social Action seeks to bring students together around issues related to solidarity by raising awareness of what social inequalities or other problems in the world in which we live are. At the same time, it tries to help you with issues such as finding accommodation or buying books. This department will also be available to help you with any volunteer project you may need.

Marketing & Communication Department

     In order to transmit the events we propose to hold, the Marketing & Communication Department will be brought into action. In bringing information, photos, videos or other interactive activities to the public, this department will play the role of bridging the gap between the creating lasting memories and the moments experienced in the context of our activities and the Hub’s mission itself.