Almeida Garrett

Almeida Garrett

    By stimulating cooperation between the various potentialities concerning any Higher Education Institution at a national level, the Almeida Garrett Program proposes to show you different paths you can take in your own country and consolidating your knowledge outside your Institution. This experience will allow you to broaden your horizons in your field, within your own country.

Mobility for Studies

        The Almeida Garrett Programme enables a period of mobility in one of the fifteen Universities with  seat on the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP).

          Poster – Almeida Garrett Programme 2020/2021

          Application Form

Flour 1 – Office 4
Inês Rodrigues – (+351) 213 619 433 (Outgoing)
Gonçalo Marques – (+351) 213 600 488 (Incoming)
2.ª – 5.ª 
2.ª: 14h-16h
3.ª: 10h30-12h | 14h-18h
4.ª: 10h30-12h | 14h-16h
5.ª: 10h30-12h | 14h-18h
For more informations about the Almeida Garrett Programme, you can check the ISCSP website here.